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Optimizing the crucial vital in-take process for clinics and hospitals to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Graduate Thesis Project and 

Research done in NPC Pediatric Clinic, Memphis

" An Automated and Smart Vital taking system designed to reduce errors and work for healthcare providers."

Facial recognition for privacy and security

Integrated Height and Weight simultatiosly sensing temperature and respiration rate

Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Monitor

To optimize high-flowing clinics and hospitals with a one-stop vital solution to help with 

Manually typing the vitals into the Patient's EHR ( Electronic Health Records ) leads to mistakes and loss of information.

The anxiety of being around doctors in white coats can make blood pressure rise leading to incorrect readings. 

White Coat Syndrome

Currently the US healthcare is structured to be curative, and does not aid people in preventive healthcare, and systems like Vital Right, allows more flow of personalized insights about the body in a shorter period.

Healthcare workers are extremely overworked, to an extend there has been a huge trend of burn outs in this profession. Vital Right aims to remove the repetitive, error prone task of just taking vitals.

Today's Vital taking tasks are segregated and not smart, not allowing a lot of personlized insights like micro weight changes combined with BP trend. Vital Right not only collects vitals but detects patterns to highlights in diagnosis for the doctor.

Whole base weighted

Face Recognition for better security

Ultrasound and Lidar height measurement

Universal BP monitor  

Thermal camera for temperature and respirate reading

Replacable seating for easy long-term maintance

CMF options matching new hospital interior trends

Additional platform for personal items

UV Light Sanitization
Automatically Syncing with EHR and Removing Manual Inputting
Patient Centric App to further analysis of patterns

I interviewed many healthcare providers, nurses, and healthcare providers to understand their pain points, motivations, and needs. 

" Vital Taking is one of the most crucial steps, and gives us more insight of the body, but it is one the most repetitive and mind numbing tasks.  "

- Nurse

Using AI to generate multiple explorations as a tool.

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