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Relievo is the perfect solution for managing aches and pains. A modular hot and cold pack that is designed to be used for all areas of the body. They are designed to be reusable, allowing you to switch from hot to cold and back again easily.


" Relievo an instant hot and cold pack device to help relieve pain on-the-go"

Most of us realise that we are having problem only after experiencing pain. Then we want to be pain-free instantly, resorting to pain-killers.

The electronics packed in Relievo with a help of a battery, making it very accessible from anywhere.

The peltier module makes the process of heat and cold therapy mess free and hassle free without the need of actual water or gel.

Mess Free

We need thermotherapy instantaneously as a when we experience the pain. Prepping ice and microwaving ice packs are time consuming.

Instant Remedy

Most thermotherapy devices require pre preparation and need a unique storage method and not making it easy for travel.

Travel Safe

Help educate users when to use hot and cold therapy since the instances of usage are different.

Connect to an App for operation
Dock-able design for larger surface areas
A band to help wrap and secure to body
Dual Peltiers allowing  contrast therapy
Battery integrated to use on the go.

I interviewed a range of people who are were then rehabbing or recovering and needed to use hot or cold packs regularly

" With kids at home we never have frozen ice packs at home, we resort to other cold items from the freezer like peas or corn"

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