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A light designed to provide even lighting on a workstation while adding character to space. 


As we already know, the pandemic brought about a wave of change, and the work-from-home phenomenon is here to stay.

Lighting influences our health and well-being in several ways, including moods, productivity, hunger, and sleep. 

Table space is like a breathing room, the space around us affects our thinking and creative process. 

Table space is like breathing space.
Parallel and even Lighting
Ceremonial Swiping to interact with the light area
Customised light Emmiting Area
Cameras let you share and record what is on your table with no over-exposure
Integrated camera for parallel video shooting and the logo light indicates on/off
Project the Colors from your Display for more Immersion
Personalized Ambient Mood Lighting

 began my research by talking to potential users and millennials, Getting to know their current working environments and routines to understand their pain points. 

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