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Redesign of baby thermometers to be more approachable and utilitarian for the parent and child.

" Tempo is one a kind of IR thermometer that integrates playfulness and distraction while aiding stressed parents to take quick temperature readings for their newborns. "

A fever in a newborn can be a sign of underlying conditions. It is crucial to keep track of their temperature.

Temperature tracking for newborns is very crucial but can be Tedious
New Parents Invest in a Thermometer for the Family

New parents invest into a good thermometer for the family that they end up using for years together

IR thermometers in the market are point-and-shoot and have a gun-looking form factor, giving them a very violent and negative connotation.

IR Thermometers in the market are very violent

Music Library to help Distract your kiddo 
Integrated System for Easy Doctor Consulation
Silent Mode for Silent Temperature Reading 

Tempo syncs with the cloud and can play different sounds and light patterns. It can also be an excellent tool for visually impaired people.

Even though tempo can make many sounds, it can be put on quiet mode, so the peacefully sleeping doesn't have to be disturbed.

The tempo app automatically syncs the temperature reading and can make the next pediatrician appointment a breeze.

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