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Sidekick is the ultimate adventure companion - a handy clip-on combination treat and potty bag container. Sidekick clips to a belt, leash, or bag mean dog walkers never leave the house unprepared.

" A single hand treat dispenser for training or to indulge your furry friend. Sidekick is a must-have for every pet parent! "

Most Pet parents tend to forget treats when they go on their daily adventures, 

Taking dogs for walks needs Pre Prepping

People noted that messy Ziploc bags and food-lined jacket pockets were the main methods they carried treats. 

Most treat carriers in the market  are standalone and not sealed, leaving treats messy and stale. Because of the chance of spillage, these carriers are not optimal for travel or walks.

Treat Holders in the market don't keep the Treats Fresh 

Team Members - Olivia Brett and Liqi from Graphics

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