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Mere months after a lockdown, in a recovering post-pandemic world, citizens of the Neighbourhood are just beginning to step out. The contagion is still out there, but everyday life must continue. Contagion is a turn-based strategy game (for ages ten and above) that gamifies life in a pandemic that struck the world. It incorporates everyday activities like shopping for essentials with the added weight of safe and healthy practices like physical distancing and personal hygiene.

Designers - Aravind R, Deepak R, Gargi K, Vaishnavi P

Each person plays two character tokens to navigate the board and finish everyday tasks. But they must be careful. The streets of the Neighbourhood are filled with all sorts of dangers and challenges, increasing in intensity the deeper you venture. One can definitely avoid some of these obstacles with careful planning but beware, the most menacing challenge is avoiding human contact. To finish the game, your characters must return home safely after completing all tasks.

Designers - Aravind R, Deepak R, Gargi K, Vaishnavi P

With the roll of a die, players pick their tasks at the start of the game. They then have to move to the corresponding tiles to check off the tasks on their list. Tasks include activities like going to the general store, restocking medical supplies, withdrawing cash etc.

Moving through the Neighbourhood is a strategic affair that comes with its own risks. Players can be issued a total of 3 warnings or Strikes for moving into tiles adjacent to other players. Once the third strike is issued, the characters would have to be Quarantined and the player is removed from the game.

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